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  • Quickly n Easy

    Appfulenz make it very easy to get your iPhone app ideas developed. We'll take less time to deploy your app from idea to reality.

  • App Mockups

    Appfluenz also gives you easy to understand mock ups of your ideas allowing you to easily show off your app for feedback and design improvments.

  • Increase Your Sales

    By using our in app purchases option in app sales are easy. Appfluenz tactics really grab your app users' attention.

  • Bespoke Graphics

    Appfluenz understands your ideas and can easly transulate from consept, to design and development. Contact us today for your FREE 30 Minuts consultation.

  • Browsers For You

    Appfluenz can code any element from your website or ecommerice business into your app ideas. For those non web geeks that means your companys site will look good reguardless of the device or browser of the app user.

  • Bespoke Icon Design

    Appfluenz starts off your engagment with ends users on the right foot. A professional graphic designer will style your apps icon button to attract attention to your app in the iTunes app store.

  • "Appfluenz is awesome! They developed everything I needed to get a slick, modern, interactive app up and running in no time with minimal effort needed from me."

    Jimmy Shoemaker, AppRus

  • "By using Appfluenz for my app's I didn't even have to hire a web desinger or programer!"

    Tommy Way

  • "Appfluenz's iPhone app development is really cool and I love how great my app turned out!"

    Mike Hunt

  • "I couldn't believe how easy it was to work with the Appfluenz team. My app has increased sales in my company and brand awareness in the iTunes App Store!"

    Steve Lobes, Pear L.L.C.